Tired of seeing kids disenchanted with learning?

We all know that the educational system has limitations.

It can be hard to help kids navigate school’s social intensity. To protect them against bullying and stigma. To keep them engaged, and still teach all the important stuff.

How do you keep the magic in their lives on a limited budget?

We know a secret–that art, theatre, and poetry can be used to bring kids magic and learning all at the same time. A good story can make social studies easy to absorb and fun to remember, or make history come to life.

That’s where the Green Man Project comes in.

A child struggles to stay focused on his work at school
  • Before I met the Green Man, I was a lost soul in this huge universe and he helped me find my spirit.

    Sophia Student, Age 10
The Green Man and a child perform in th forest

Stories to get your class going!

We know that sitting and listening isn’t always the most engaging way for kids to learn. That’s why we incorporate our educational material right into our performances!

Let us help you reinforce the bonds in your students–both between each other and between them and the world.

Music, painting, dance, drumming—these are all languages that go beyond words.

Share this gift with your students, and watch them blossom!

See the results in your happy kids.

We help your class:

  • explore social issues
  • build self-worth
  • respect world cultures

This foundation helps kids become aware of the world around them, honour their neighbours, and respect their environment.

So go ahead. Treat your students to an experience they’ll never forget!

Four children give a happy thumbs up
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