Planning an event is a big deal!

Performers, priorities, budgets…

When you’re in charge of entertainment, there’s a lot on your plate.

Thankfully, The Green Man Project is consistently engaging and delightfully reliable.

With over 30 arts festival and event appearances since 2010, the Green Man has delighted crowds up to 200,000 strong. Intended for kids but fun for adults alike, the Green Man Project is a sure way to have visitors remember your festival for years…

…without stressing years off your life.

A child smiles while holding onto the Green Man's staff

Roving and Stilt Walking

Who’s that, towering above the crowd?

For the most personal touch, let children and parents get to know the Green Man up close and one-on-one as he wanders your festival.

This ancient Irish spirit is full of interactive fun—whether it’s a kind word, a keen observation, or an inspiring smile.

He illuminates the lives of all those he touches, from his crown to wreath-entwined stilts… not to mention makes a pretty nice picture!

Theatre that moves you-literally.

The personal touch is great, but it can be hard to reach large crowds with only one-on-one interactions.

If you want to really amp up your festival, why not let the Green Man enchant crowds up to 50 at a time at multiple locations?

Plunge young and old alike into the fun and funny world of spontaneous storytelling as the Green Man gathers up bystanders and transforms them into spectators and participants.

Juxtaposing the large with the small, and the ridiculous with the tragic, the Green Man’s stories highlight the strength and fragility, as well as the wisdom and kindness, that exists in us all.

The Green Man performs for a large festival audience
  • Hilarious... an endearing treat that will have you giggling for days... 5 stars... A must see.

    Saskatoon StarPhoenix
  • The Green Man’s presence on-site was pure enchantment: children were reaching up, eager to enter his world.

    Marie-Soleil Bergeron Festival Organizer, Surrey Children’s Festival
  • Not only did the Green Man entrance crowds at capacity in the Kids’ Tent with his magical storytelling, but he could scarcely move down Granville St without being mobbed for photo opportunities. His fantastically-clad and -painted 8-foot character was an amazing sight that stood out even in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

    Ross W. Powell Director of Programming at CelticFest Vancouver
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