Who is the Green Man?

A girl looks back at the camera after finding an old book on the mossy ground

It’s a tale as old as time…

In any of his forms, the Green Man shows us how to celebrate the bounty of nature. He presents to us the deep ecological awareness of traditional cultures, including the First Nations, the Celts, and countless other cultures around the globe.

Here at The Green Man Project, we weave awareness around social issues and multiculturalism with interactive theatre and storytelling, incorporating art, music, and dance.

We have shows designed for school curriculums, and we offer Roving and Theatre on the Move for the more dynamic crowds at festivals.

Regardless of locale, the Green Man and his animal friends help children under 12 create a blueprint for navigating the world with confidence and compassion.

The Man Behind the Green Eyebrows:

John Conway

It all started when John Conway’s Great-Great-Grandmother Meg immigrated from Ballymena, Ireland. She brought her fiery spirit, two children, and all the magic of Faerie–captured in the family’s ancestral stories.

This magic was passed down generation after generation, until it came to John.

John grew up thinking he was stupid. All throughout elementary and high school, he struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia. Putting maximum effort into his work, he still only barely managed to squeak a passing grade.

Diagnosed at 25, he was surprised to learn that he wasn’t, after all, stupid–just another casualty of a school system that often struggles to support childrens unique learning styles.

He turned to the hands-on world of theatre. Three countries, four theatre schools, and many years later, he realized that performing wasn’t nearly as fun as helping children who also slipped between the cracks of the school system.

At first he worked in school administration. But he soon understood that while talented administrators are essential, his passion still lay in performance.

Schools needed a way to bring their curriculum to life, and reach out and touch those kids struggling with self-identity and bullying.

And so the Green Man Project was born.

Tying real-world issues to influences from European and First Nations stories and beyond, his characters and gentle symbolism show kids and parents alike that we’re not so different, after all.

About us
Meet John.

Meet the Green Man.

Other Players

Sayata Gabriel wears the raven costume

Sayata Gabriel

Sayata Gabriel, the Montreal-born daughter of First Nations and Caribbean parents, has long danced between cultures.  With an artist’s heart and an organizer’s brain, she has worn all kinds of hats in productions in Calgary, Vancouver, and the Sunshine Coast–from performer to stage manager.

While attending the University of British Columbia, she was one of two finalists in spoken word poetry for UBC’s Got Talent in 2012. After graduating with honours, she moved to Gibsons BC, where she launched a communications business, Anansi Solutions.

Her passion is helping the community connect to each other and share resources, and bring work and play together.

Jean-Pierre Makoso

Jean-Pierre Makosso

Born in Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville, Jean-Pierre Makosso was taught by his mother MA M’KAYI to observe the cultures of the world, and look, and listen.

As a bilingual comedian, storyteller, theatre director, and actor, he has toured the world three times with Company Punta-Négra (Congo), Théâtre du Corps (France), and Théâtre Amiel (Switzerland). Living in Canada since 2001, he works with Traditional Company Masabo and also writes and directs plays for Canada World Youth.

“A storyteller, a drummer, a dancer, and a child at heart, Jean Pierre exudes an infectious brilliance that leaves every face in the audience beaming with excitement.”

– The Balanced Life Magazine

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